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The trend of online business is seeing a vast change in the modern times. The business owners of this age are not just satisfied by creating a website. The business owners are generally looking for a platform, which can enrich their business and take it to newer heights. Adorn Softech give that platform to all the business owners. This step is very much essential and we provide complete attention to this. The final step for the conversion is also the process of testing. After the conversion of the files from PSD to HTML, we check if the codes are W3C validated and completely error free.

The name PSD indicates Photoshop document. The extension used in the PSD file is .psd and hence the name. This extension is such a format, which supports the Lab, Bitmap, Duotone, Indexed Colour, Grayscale, RGB, CMYK and several multi channels. The main features offered by a PSD file are the masks, alpha spaces, colour spaces and the usage of spot colours. We can convert PSD files into HTML, XHTML, WordPress, Joomla and other forms such as email templates.


A lot of business owners use this type of conversion while making a website. Another reason for converting PSD to HTML is because of PSD’s limitations.
  • It can only use up to 30.000 pixels.
  • This limitation is there because it was arbitrarily chosen by Adobe software. This was mainly done to pave the way for software testing.
  • It indicates that we convert PSD files into HTML format to increase the number of pixels. It is also done to make a particular website presentable in the market of several websites and thereby augments the rank.
  • People generally convert PSD into HTML because the files that are used in XHTML and HTML are very much accessible on the World Wide Web. This makes all the visitors accessible to that particular website.

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