Web hosting may be a service that has internet users with on-line systems for storing info, images, video, or any content accessible via the online. internet hosts square measure corporations that offer area on a server they own to be used by their purchasers. the sort of hardware, security, high-speed net connections and physical housing needs needed to dependably serve website and email necessitates the storage of consumer content on servers in secure knowledge rooms with redundancy and power backups. so internet hosting is sometimes offered by corporations United Nations agency farm out area on their servers to customers.

Simple websites square measure best for low to medium trafficked sites with multiple authors and a lot of frequent content changes, like selling websites, content websites or blogs. they supply an easy place to begin for web site which could grow within the future. whereas usually low price, these sites need IT administration of the online server and aren't engineered to be extremely out there or scalable on the far side some servers.


Static websites convey HTML, JavaScript, pictures, video and different records to your site guests and contain no server-side application code, as PHP or ASP.NET. They commonly are utilized to convey individual or advertising destinations.

Static sites are minimal effort, give abnormal amounts of unwavering quality, require no server organization, and scale to deal with big business level activity with no extra work.

Best for:
  • Sites that don't contain server-side scripting, as PHP or ASP.NET
  • Sites that change occasionally with few creators
  • Sites need to scale for once in a while interims of high activity
  • Clients who would prefer not to oversee foundation

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